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replica MB&F HM11 Watches

MB&F’s latest out-of-the-box watch might be its wildest yet

Founder Max Büsser is known for his out-of-the-box creations, and this piece is so fun and innovative that it should get collectors into orbit.

Aliens, robots, cars and sea creatures provide MB&F with inspiration for incredibly creative and unconventional creations. Fortunately, founder Max Büsser has a very vivid imagination, and as a result, he and his team have created some of the most interesting timepieces on the market. He outdid himself with the latest horological machinery. The HM11 Architect is the only watch ever made where the entire case can rotate 360 degrees to change its display and wind the watch.

The design is reminiscent of some of the great spherical architectural designs of the 50s, 60s and 70s, such as Antti Lovag's famous Palais Bulles, Matti Suuronen's Futuro House and Charles Haerdling's Brenton House, among others, as well as architect and product designer George Nelson designed the famous Horloge Vitra clock. But MB&F fans may be more inclined to compare the design to previous horological machines like the Fifth Element and HM4. nice watches shop

The four spherical windows serve multiple functions: one for the power reserve, one for the time, one for the temperature reading (which can be sorted in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit), and one for setting the timepiece crown. In the photo above, on the right is the time readout, a direct homage to George Nelson's Horloge Vitra, with stem-mounted spheres of different sizes and colors (the lighter sphere is polished aluminum, the darker sphere is polished titanium) hour and minute markers . On the left, you can see that the power reserve has five spheres of increasing diameter, the largest being 2.4 mm in diameter, indicating that the watch has been wound to its 96-hour power reserve.

Turning the case not only winds the watch, it also allows the wearer to change the position of the reading hole on the wrist. Every 45 degrees of rotation, there will be a click sound, suitable for gay lovers who like to hear the sound of winding watches. Ten full turns of the wrist will wind the watch to a power reserve of approximately three days. Need to know what the weather is like outside? Rotate the case another 45 degrees and you'll find a window that displays the temperature, as shown above, in degrees Celsius. You'll see the coil, which is essentially two metals that interact with temperature in different ways, moving the red arrow up or down depending on the reading. replica Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

Finally, there's the crown for setting the time (pictured above). Pull the module and click to open it to adjust the hours and minutes. At its center is MB&F’s tomahawk symbol, surrounded by sapphire crystal, providing a window into the interior of the “house” and its “furniture” or movement.

If viewed from a bird's-eye view, the disc-shaped centerpiece of the case reveals the movement of the movement through the sapphire crystal. The movement has a vertical structure with a flying tourbillon at its centre, similar to the HM6, HM7 and Legacy Machine Flying T. So while the movement is technically challenging, it's not particularly new to the brand. Charris Yadigaroglou, head of communications at MB&F, said the case was the hardest part to build. "This case was a challenge because, just like with watches, we had minimum requirements," Yadrigaroglou told Robb Report. “First, it has to be wear-resistant, and second, it has to be waterproof. It’s not a dive watch, but there are minimum requirements for water resistance to ensure it’s protected from moisture. When you make a case like this, it has a very weird shape and the top needs to be Rotation, making it waterproof is very challenging." A typical watch would have two or three gaskets, but given the complex structure and numerous holes of the case, this watch has a whopping 19 gaskets. Not that you'll want to take it swimming, but protection from even the smallest amount of moisture is essential.

Surprisingly, MB&F managed to fit all of this into a fairly compact (for a horological machine) 42mm, so it sits quite comfortably on the wrist. Those with a keen eye will notice some interesting design features combined with the spherical theme, from the shape of the flying tourbillon to the shape of the lugs and the circular design of each screw, similar to the shape of a fidget spinner.

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