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Common Football Betting Terms Every Bettor Should Know

Common football betting terms are the words commonly used by the betting community when participating in placing bets. To make playing easier, it's essential for bettors to grasp these concepts. In this article, we will explore verified paid soccer tips in detail some of the most basic terms.

Common Terms in Football Betting Odds

Currently, betting platforms often offer a variety of different odds, and to avoid confusion, bettors must understand the basic terms used, specifically:

Common Terms in Asian Handicap Betting

When choosing to participate in Asian Handicap betting, bettors will often encounter the following basic football betting terms:

Handicap/Asian Handicap: These are the handicap levels set by bookmakers for each match based on an analysis of relevant factors.

Odds: The ratios set by betting platforms aimed at paying out winnings to lucky members who accurately predict the final outcome.

Over: Refers to the side evaluated to have a higher ability and is handicapped against the weaker team.

Under: Refers to the team considered weaker, with a specific handicap given to the underdog.

Win Full: Winning the entire bonus.

Lose Full: Losing the entire betting capital.

Win Half: Winning half the profit.

Lose Half: Losing half the initial betting capital.

HT: Half Time, referring to the first half of the match.

FT: Full Time, including both halves or the entire match.

ET: Extra Time, the period during which extra play occurs.

Pen: Refers to penalty kicks.

Run: Placing bets directly during the ongoing match.

CS: Correct Score, a type of bet on the exact final score.

Draw, 1×1, Handicap Draw: Refers to a handicap level of 0, indicating two teams with equal abilities.

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Common Football Betting Terms for Over/Under Wagers

Terms commonly used in football betting, especially in Over/Under bets, often appear frequently. Below are some of the most common terms:

Over/Under refers to betting on whether the total goals scored will be above (Over) or below (Under) a certain number.

'Over' on the betting board is abbreviated as 'O,' indicating the Over bet, where bettors wager that the total number of goals scored in the entire match will exceed the bookmaker's set line.

'Under' is abbreviated as 'U' or referred to as the Under bet. Bettors choose this option if they predict that the total goals scored will be less than the bookmaker's set line.

Asian Handicap

Like other types of betting odds, Asian Handicap betting also employs some basic football betting terms that bettors need to understand, specifically:

1×2 odds, also known as Asian Handicap betting.

1 represents the home team.

2 represents the away team.

X is chosen if both teams are predicted to finish the match with a draw.

1x is chosen if the player predicts the home team to win or draw.

2x is chosen if the player predicts the away team to win or draw.

Decimal Odds are used to calculate Asian Handicap odds.

Other Common Betting Terms

In addition to popular betting odds, bettors also use several other football betting terms when participating, including:

Bookie refers to the bookmaker or betting organization.

Grass roots or minor leagues that are not very famous.

Analyzing or checking odds involves analyzing and assessing matches along with their odds.

Mainstream refers to major, professional tournaments such as the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, World Cup, etc.

Twist refers to the feeling of tension or excitement when watching a match.

Relaxed or comfortable.

All-in is the action of putting all the capital into one bet.

Busted refers to losing a large bet.

Standstill indicates a match with no thrilling moments.

Bet on Under or Under.

Attractive odds refer to enticing betting odds.

Rotten odds refer to unattractive bets that one does not want to participate in.

Dumping odds means changing the choice to the opposing team.

Showhand is betting all available capital.

Bone release means ignoring difficult bets.

Bone chewing hopes to recover capital when sticking to a betting odds.

Combination involves betting on multiple odds in the same betting slip.

Against the blood when bettors have different opinions from others.

Blood match means having the same prediction as other members.


Thus, we have explored together some football tips app of the most common football betting terms today. These are basic information that bettors need to thoroughly understand to make the betting experience easier and avoid any mistakes during the betting process.


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