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There is no one style or shape that defines the definition of Couple Promise Rings Set. They're as diverse as their owners and the contemporary jewelry industry and craftsmen offer endless creativity and beauty in their collections.

There are some helpful tips to help you select the ideal style and dimension of engagement rings.

In general these rings should be simple and discrete They can be paired in many ways, and shouldn't appear too extravagant so as to distract from the wedding or engagement rings. The rest is up to the wearer. If you're asking yourself: What finger has a promise ring on? There are some basic answers.


If the engagement ring is huge, like a large diamond solitaire, or another stone that is surrounded by smaller stones (think about the famous sapphire engagement ring worn by the Duchess Cambridge) Then an engagement ring that compliments it could feature a smaller diamond. A ring with a dazzling diamond drop is elegant on its own and can be paired with other rings.


They are the most versatile designs, they are usually unisex and are completely identical in a set, visibly signifying your connection to another person. You can choose a silver or gold band ring or a bimetal band ring with yellow gold outer edges and white gold middle parts. They can be mistaken as wedding rings. To avoid confusion, the promise ring should be placed on a different finger than the finger for the ring.


This is a stylish and smart way to select the perfect ring for a promise. If your loved one is in this spiritual realm and knows their birthstone (or the stone of the zodiac or the lucky stone for that matter) You can confidently purchase a ring with this stone. These stones are common gems like opals and moonstones. There are rings with small pieces of these stones. The ring could have a double meaning to the owner, and she could explain to people what the promise ring on the hand represents without sharing personal information.


A cluster of sparkling stones can look as stunning as a diamond. This delicate stone is more subtle and works well with more striking rings. You can pick a cluster that looks like the single stone until you are close to it, or a combination of lighter and darker stones that look like the look of a mosaic.


Signet rings remain popular and have been for many years. Choose a ring that has a smaller seal face and you will not regret it.


Why not incorporate the heart into your engagement ring as a symbol of love? It could be in the shape of a heart stone, a faceplate that has a heart shape, a pendant, or even a band with a heart-shaped design on the front. In any case, it is a unique and stylish piece.


If you are able to buy a ring, and have it engraved, why not make it? It could be a design that holds a significance for both of you such as a love phrase, the lyrics from the lyrics of a song, or anything else worth immortalizing and wearing on your finger.

Rings with a smooth surface

In addition to the chiseled ring, the textured rings are also intriguing when light hits them at different angles. The choice is endless. It could be hammered or brushed metal. It could also have patterns on it. Also, it can be faceted rings. These rings are distinctive and immediately grab the attention of anyone who sees them. Choose a slender band that won't create an unintentional statement the moment you or your loved one walks into the room.

Review and dispel 12 common myths and cliches regarding promise rings

The topic of promise rings is as packed with myths and stereotypes as wedding bands. To help you overcome the discomfort we've compiled and eliminated the most popular of them.

Promise rings have no value They don't care ABOUT ANYTHING.

It's not true. All symbols and gifts are meaningless from this perspective, as the wedding ring is not what signifies marriage. It's a ceremony, and an entry in the registry book. A promise rings is a tangible sign of wedding vows. The promise ring that you wear on your finger is a sign that you've not misunderstood your better half and she is eager to spend the remainder of her life with you.


They aren't just children. Teenagers can also be at risk of falling in love, particularly those who are older and close to legal age. You can also get an engagement ring. These rings are a clear sign that you intend to marry when the time is right. It's not a joke, but it's an extremely viable alternative to a wedding if engagement itself isn't (yet) an option.

PROMISE RINGS can bring unhappiness or even harm the couple.

Nope. It's just like saying that engagement rings are bad luck and no one has tried to make such a suggestion yet. Rings symbolize love and promises - promise of the moment. Absolutely nothing more and nothing less. If you're still hesitant for some reason, don't display the ring or inform people you don't want to know about your wedding plans. Let's say you learned this magic trick from an old wise fortune-teller at the town's annual festival.

PROMISE RINGS are a joke They are UNCOOL.

Who is the authority? Why? No, seriously, why? Who was the person who conceived this belief? What is so wrong about a sincere promise to get married? In this way, the engagement stuff, with all the carefully planned photo shoots and family celebrations are also untrue. This harmful myth needs to be forgotten forever.


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